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Dear friends,

Cathy, our Director of First Impressions who works virtually from the Philippines, joined us over Skype for a recent company retreat. During a discussion on our core values, she reminded us that the values we post publicly on our website would be meaningless if they did not serve as the driving force for the work we do each and every day. Cathy hit the nail on the head. From an ocean away, her insight was spot on: if our personal lives and our business lives are not unified by the same motivating forces, our core values would be nothing more than a nice slogan.

It is people like Cathy that propel our team. Her goal of unity between business and life is shared by every member of our organization. It is what compels us to seek excellence and to be unsatisfied with the status quo that exists in the real estate industry: average work, average results and an inability to articulate our value in the marketplace.

We’re certain that to raise the bar and create a new paradigm for real estate, we’ll need to look outside of our industry to entrepreneurs and business leaders who embody their company’s core values and use those values to shake things up. We invite you to join us on this journey. Early next year, we’ll begin a monthly series of interviews with business leaders who challenge us to think bigger. We’ll record these interviews and make them available in podcast format. Our hope is that they will be an entertaining look into other great businesses, and help you identify more clearly the values that motivate you in your work.

We’re looking forward to another excellent year of growth in 2016. Please let us know how we can help you, your family and your friends in the coming year.

Pat Kilner
CEO, The Kilner Group

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