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Here it is – the first episode of The Kilner Group’s podcast series!*

In this first episode, our COO, Michael Kilner, had a chance to sit down and chat with two entrepreneurs whose startup is poised to revolutionize the way parents and their kids talk about social media.  Their new app, called Rakkoon, is a social media monitoring app for families and is currently available in beta form for Apple devices. Listen to Michael’s full conversation with Joe and Karl from Rakkoon below.

For more information about Rakkoon’s upcoming informational events for parents in the DC area, visit their website: http://www.rakkoon.com/teen-madness

*You may be thinking, why does a real estate company have a podcast about non-real estate topics? Our mission has always been to deliver a top-notch real estate experience for our clients and at the same time to develop great business leaders who will practice their craft with virtue and integrity. We committed to creating this podcast series so that you could benefit from our journey of learning from business leaders and entrepreneurs who inspire us.

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