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I need a mortgage, how do I find a lender I can trust?

We have a list of lenders whom we recommend to all of our buyer clients. It is ultimately your decision to use any lender you feel comfortable with, but the lenders on our list have proven themselves to be timely, trustworthy and attentive to the needs of our clients.

What are the advantages of working with a dedicated buyer agent?

A dedicated buyer agent on a real estate team works exclusively with buyers and is focused entirely on finding the right home for you in the timeframe you desire without the distractions that an agent working alone is forced to deal with.

What are the advantages of working with a real estate team?

A real estate team, such as The Kilner Group, hires professionals trained in specific aspects of real estate transactions in order to provide the customer with the highest level of care and attention at every step in the process. Our team members collaborate seamlessly to provide our clients with the absolute best results every time.

What are some of the advantages of hiring a broker to represent you?

A broker has both a professional and ethical responsibility to protect a client’s best interests. They are also accountable to the real estate commission in every state where they are licensed to conduct business in an honest and just manner.

How long has the Kilner Group been providing real estate consulting services?

The Kilner Group has been providing real estate consulting services in the DC Metro area since 2005.

What are the guiding principles of the Kilner Group’s consulting services?

Expertise in the market, the highest level of customer service, and a commitment to the best results for our clients.

What jurisdictions does the Kilner Group serve?

The Kilner Group is licensed to serve you in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.

Don’t all lenders provide the same services?

Any lender can find you a mortgage, but only lenders who do an in-depth, thorough analysis into what you can afford can be trusted to find you a loan that will suit your unique needs. We encourage you to interview our preferred lenders to see how they compare to any other bank lenders.

What does The Kilner Group do to make sure that buyers are qualified to purchase my home?

The Kilner Group calls the lender of every buyer who submits an offer and asks the lender a comprehensive set a questions to make sure that the buyer truly has the ability to afford the loan. We vet the lender to make sure that he or she has done their homework so that the contract doesn’t fall through after ratification.

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