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Dear Friends,

I arrived home from Jamaica on Saturday and wanted to give everyone a quick update about the mission trip.

It is such an unspoken word of encouragement every time someone responds to our request to help the children and young adults of Mustard Seed. My team of 20 had hoped to raise about $20,000.00 toward the costs that Mustard Seed would incur to provide food, security, insurance and ground transportation for us during our trip. We also wanted to leave a gift to support the residents after our visit.

Because of you and people with big hearts like yours…we raised over $85,000.00. This is unprecedented in the history of Mustard Seed. Over 350 individuals, families and businesses donated. Mustard Seed can’t stop talking about the generosity of the people of the Greater DC Area. Thank you to all who joined The Kilner Group in this effort.

The trip was perfect. We had perfect working weather. No one got hurt. The team really got along well together and we accomplished even more than we had hoped. The young adults at Jacob’s Ladder were so happy to be with us and we were so encouraged by their joy in the midst of their limitations and suffering. Their joy was infectious….all of us received enough hugs to last us until next year’s trip.

The entire St Andrew the Apostle Building Team says THANKS. The Mustard Seed Kids send their hugs and love.

You made it happen!

Please let us know if you wish to discuss an opportunity to come to Jamaica with one of the St. Andrew the Apostle mission trips. There are two trips later this Spring…and the Builders Trip will be happening next February again. If you wish to pull together your own trip with your church or organization we can help you set that up as well. Call or e-mail if interested.

Kind Regards
Pat Kilner
Construction Team Leader
Saint Andrew the Apostle Builder Mission Trip

My contact info: dpk@kilnergroup.com, (301) 252-9376

Thank you for your generous support and prayers!

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