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This summer, The Kilner Group has the exciting opportunity to accelerate and help guide the development of new business ideas with two future professionals and promising entrepreneurs, Nick Leaver and Danny Riordan. Nick and Danny are each working on taking a business idea from concept to operational in less than 4 months, and we’re excited to see the fruits of their labor!

Here’s a quick synopsis of these two young men and the projects they’re working on:


Nick Leaver

Grew Up in Alexandria, Virginia. The Heights Class of 2015. UVA Class of 2019.

This summer Nick is researching the utilization and effectiveness of coaching across industries, whether the content of this professional coaching is satisfying and useful to consumers, and where the industry can be improved. He is also working on identifying strategic learning management system partnerships for the development of a new real estate training company.


Daniel Riordan

Grew up in McLean, Virginia. The Heights Class of 2014. CUA Class of 2018.

This summer Danny is developing a comprehensive luxury marketing suite geared towards custom home builders in order to better meet their needs in the competitive marketplace of Northern Virginia real estate.

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